TEN OVER STUDIO is excited to announce the launch of the new Landscape website. After months of hard work, the Landscape team has amassed beautiful images and messages that perfectly convey their design aesthetic. The website features many completed projects as well as those still in the works. 

The Landscape Department is headed up by Principal Julia Oberhoff, ASLA, with assistance by landscape designer, Julianna Wild, ASLA.

Spaces that benefit all

Julianna joined the TEN OVER team in late 2017 and comes to the department having four years of experience working in the bay area for construction, commercial, and landscape architecture firms. Julianna is responsible for the updated website's clear messaging of what the team values, who they are and what gets them excited to get out of bed every morning. 

"Landscape Architecture connects people, influences our quality of life, and instills balance. It builds relationships, engages our senses, and fosters community in our everyday lives" says Julianna. "I want to create spaces that promote positive change through our designs". 

The design team prides themselves on understanding the clients needs and the language of the project site; studying the relationships within the physical environment and desiging consciously from there.

The updated portfolio gives potential clients better access to the scope of projects the team is equipped to take on. Take a look for yourself!