TEN OVER MEDIA featured as Lumion standout!

Congratulations to TEN OVER MEDIA's creative director, Mathieu Anfosso, for being chosen by Lumion staff as part of their Feature Five series, a weekly social media series showcasing the best renderings on the web. 

Lumion is an amazing software that transforms CAD designs into strikingly beautiful renders creating realistic visualizations and 3D modeling. Lumion has transformed traditional rendering time and effort for the architecture professional by giving designers the tools to create fast images and animations. 

In less than two years, Mathieu has mastered this technology and become a standout in his field - eventually leading to the creation of TEN OVER MEDIA. Under his direction, TEN OVER MEDIA offers the immersive tools to connect with spaces and places while a property is under construction. Mathieu and his team create everything from images to 3D films, helping companies get a head start on their marketing campaigns and build interest for properties still in development. 

We are designers, artists, and filmmakers whose passion is to think outside the box.
— Mathieu Anfosso

Beyond creating renders for TEN OVER STUDIO's architectural projects, Mathieu and his team are focusing their efforts on working with the hospitality industry because these projects, in particular, showcase the immersive capabilities this technology has. Because of recognition and support, from the likes of Lumion, TEN OVER MEDIA is quickly gaining a reputation for their platform-adaptable 3D images and films in all industries.

Please visit www.tenovermedia.com for more examples of TEN OVER MEDIA's work. For any inquires, please reach out to mathieua@tenoverstudio.com.