Luxury is in the details. At this privately-owned boutique hotel, luxury meant staying true to the elegance of material selections. The new building is a contemporary revisioning and spin on the brick and industrial downtown core that surrounds it. Higuera Hotel proposes a new 4-story hotel, ground floor restaurant and 1-level underground parking garage on the lots spanning between Marsh Street and Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.  The ground floor, first level is comprised of a hotel lobby, 12 hotel rooms with patios off Marsh Street and a restaurant off Higuera Street. The second thru fourth levels are designated as hotel, with an additional proposed 92 rooms.  The upper fourth floor includes an open-air pool, roof deck, spa and hotel balconies.

The proximity to the historic Jack House required community engagement to determine constraints to the design. It was determined that two separate structures linked together with an enclosed hall at the second and third floors would appropriately address view preservation. Lastly, the top floor steps back to reduce massing from the pedestrian perspective and not encroach on the establish downtown aesthetic.

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA  
Client: Private
Scope: Architecture, Landscape

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