Tribune Building Renovation

This project proposes to make modifications to the existing Tribune production building and its 6.5 acre parcel south of Downtown San Luis Obispo. The project has been thought through to orient spaces and massing to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain comfortable conditions within the building and minimize the expenditure of excess energy.  The design retains a significant portion of the existing building to curtail the use of additional materials and reduce construction energy use.  Units have been laid out to allow for double orientation providing maximum lighting as well as cross ventilation through the units.  Windows have been reduced on southern facing facades and west and east windows have been recessed where possible to allow for self-shading.  Awnings, cantilevers, and generous overhangs have also been provided to further reduce the impact of solar heat gain while not blocking heat from lower sun angles during cooler months.  Light colored materials have also been used to further diminish the heat gain. 

Improvements to the western office wing and re-purposing the eastern warehouse with two stories of work/live units (30 units in total) is the owner’s response to the ever-changing needs of our community. By redesigning the interior layout, modernizing the exterior façade and updating the landscaping to meet current water restrictions the, once thought of as defunct, building will be repurposed and become a model for many of the outdated commercial buildings in San Luis Obispo.

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA  
Client: Private
Scope: Architecture, Landscape

inside home interior.jpg
Plant Texture 2.jpg
laptop and natural space.jpg