Santa Cruz Mixed Use

Our development vision for Capitola Square is based on an urban market concept which focuses the design around a large open space area surrounding the existing mature trees. This setting allows an ideal congregation area. We’re purposely creating small market spaces that open to a central courtyard to allow much smaller tenants and specialty shops and services that may not fit within the traditional retail model but will encourage a diverse mix of different tenants in close proximity to residents and the public.

Residential apartments will be located above the commercial space and all uses will share this common open space to encourage interaction and opportunities for congregation, dining and retail opportunities. The for‐sale homes to be developed by Habitat for Humanity will be located on the southern end of the property but will feature easy access to this same courtyard.

The design is based on all structures being two stories to limit the massing of the project to integrate into the neighborhood. The initial design incorporates adequate parking; 188 spaces will be provided onsite. Many of the apartment unit residents; especially the units reserved for developmentally disabled and senior residents, won’t drive or own vehicles. 

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Scope: Architecture & Landscape
Status: In Design