pismo beach Residence 

TEN OVER STUDIO designed this residential backyard to creatively maximize a small yet intimate space. This design hit the mark of functionality while providing an aesthetically pleasing space for clients and guests. The material selections included concrete paving and custom built wood elements that simplify the space. Planters and perimeter plantings help divide the space into rooms and provide a visual calmness to the experience. Creative details include custom built wood benches that act as seating and storage, as well as artistic paving details that provide language to the space.


Location: Pismo Beach, CA
Client: Private
Scope: Landscape

Rendered Plan Pismo Beach Residence Landscape Architecture Ten Over Studio San Luis Obispo.JPG
colorful drink.jpg
blueberrys and lime.jpg
food service.jpg
Ten Over Landscape Architecture San Luis Obispo Outdoor Living.JPG
trailing ferns.jpg
bench and feet.jpg