paso market walk

The Paso Market Walk is designed to be a must visit destination within close proximity to the downtown core of Paso Robles. A project that caters to food and wine enthusiasts, the landscape truly expresses the sense of place that Paso Robles history and budding culture has to offer.

The planting palette is balanced by a need for edible and cut flower varieties while being conscious of water use. Raised garden boxes house a variety of vegetable, fruit, and herb plants that will be used within the brewery and restaurants of the Paso Market. Raised corten planters have a vibrant palette of color that will carry throughout the seasons. The site will host outdoor cinemas, artist markets, and outdoor spaces to enjoy the flavors of the central coast. 

Location: Paso Robles, CA
Client: Private
Scope: Landscape

bench detail and lawn.jpg
shopping cart bike.jpg
lights and purple flowers.jpg
paso market walk sketch.jpg
edible garden picking.jpg
water plants.jpg
corten sketch with planting.jpg
farmers market.jpg