This new 10,000 SF facility provides an emergency operations center, office space for 30 emergency personnel, and was built to maximize energy efficiency and meet the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements to be Fukashima Ready. These design criteria are more stringent that the California Essential Services Act for mission critical facilities.
The roof is designed to maximize cooling, and uses high-performance LED-lighting, efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  The building is expected to use 60% less energy and about half as much water as other buildings of comparable size.  The USGBC recognized the building with a 2014 energy-efficiency award and LEED Platinum Certification.

Project completed while Candice Wong was the Public Safety Studio Manager with RRM Design Group. Candice was the Program Manager and Sustainability Design Manager.

Location: Kendall Road, San Luis Obispo
Client: PG&E DCPP
Size: 10,000 SF
Scope: Program, Architecture, LEED
Completion: 2014