Joel snyder

Drawing upon his experience with commercial, public and residential projects in the Northwest and California, Joel uses his design and project management skills to create innovative solutions for his clients.  His talent and humor are a valuable addition to any project team.

Joel is interested in architecture’s influence on everything from our perception of beauty to the way we behave. He enjoys the challenge of creating designs that have a positive social and aesthetic impact. He observes a site’s surroundings and strives to blend his designs with the style of what already exists, while still being unique, pleasing to the eye and functional; ideal skills when designing challenging public safety projects and creating iconic civic facilities.

With strong project leadership skills, Joel is able to advocate for his client with project consultants, and can quickly identify challenges that may arise and present many different solutions to his clients. He gently provides his professional opinion and advice, while still respecting and representing his client’s needs and wishes.