Position:     Architectural Designer

Job duties: Consult to company clients in the following areas: Produce schematic designs, plans, 3D &2D  renderings,  detailed  3D  models,  and  construction documents.  Assist  project managers  and  architects  with  the  selection  of materials  and  the  design  of  interiors  for food facilities, housing developments and commercial spaces. Research, plan, design and administer  building  projects for  our  office  under  direct  supervision  of  a  Registered Licensed  architect. Confer  with  client  to  determine  architectural  preferences,  purpose and function of environment, budget,  types  of construction, equipment  to be installed, and other factors which affect the planning of the new structure or renovation and which require  coordination;  (done  at  start  of  architectural  project).  Integrate findings  with knowledge  of  architectural  and  engineering  design  to  then formulate  a  comprehensive environmental  plan  to  be  practical,  aesthetic, and conducive  to  goals  of  client.  Advise management  on  architectural  design factors,  such  as  space  planning,  layout,  and utilization  of  furnishings  and equipment  (performed  during  the  architectural  project). Render  design  ideas in the  form  of  scale  drawings,  3D  models,  booklet  illustrations. Creating 3D images and videos animation of architectural designs using Sketchup Pro, V-RAY and  Adobe  Creative  Software:  Lightroom,  InDesign,  Illustrator,  Premiere  & After Effects;  Complete  understanding  of  building  and  health  code  requirements  for food facilities in City and County of San Luis Obispo, and City of Porterville and Tulare County, CA;Estimates and proposes material selection, requirements and costs. Presents design to licensed architect for approval; select or design furnishings and accessories if necessary.

Required Skills:  Experience with creating 3D images & 3D videos animation of architectural designs using Sketchup Pro, V-RAY; Adobe creative software: Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere &  After  Effects;  Complete understanding of  building  and  health  code  requirements  for food  facilities  in  City  and County  of  San  Luis  Obispo,  and  City  of  Porterville  and  Tulare County, CA.

Education:  Master'sDegree in Architecture or related major. *Any suitable combination of education, training, and experience is acceptable.  Foreign academic equivalence acceptable.

Experience:  Twelve  (12)  months  experience  in  the  job  offered,  Architectural Drafter,  Designer  or related.