candice m. wong


Candice is a public safety design professional. She has dedicated the past 20 years of her career to the strategic planning of designing and implementing public safety projects. She develops cohesive and operational driven design solutions for her clients. Candice has strong technical skills having worked in all phases and various roles of architecture and project management, Candice excels at renovations and upgrades to new facilities, needs assessments, programming, strategic planning, and construction administration.

She keeps her clients’ goals and the primary goals of the project at the forefront as she integrates the program requirements with the technical drawings and specifications. Candice is a leader on how to marry good design, strong technical documents, and sustainable solutions on her projects.

Her extensive knowledge of sustainable design strategies in every component of a project has resulted in completed LEED® Certified public safety projects and lower utility costs to operate these new facilities for her clients. Candice maintains focus on the overall and operational goals of the client and provides durable and low maintenance design solutions that balance and enhance the project.