SLO public market AT BONETTI RANCH

SLO Public Market at Bonetti Ranch creates a farm-to-table culture in a destination marketplace setting unlike any other destination on the central coast. Locals and tourists alike will find a variety of indoor and outdoor shops, eateries and entertainment areas. A produce stand, a wine and cheese shop, and a brewery are among the spaces planned to fill this new community space.

As the site architect for the project, TEN OVER STUDIO is coordinating the work of multiple architects and consultants for the overarching design and plan. TEN OVER is completing the design of five buildings on the site, including four historic farm buildings and the main public market building.

Location: S Higuera St, San Luis Obispo
Client: The Obispo Company
Size: 82,242 SF
Scope: Architecture, 3D Visualization
Completion: In Design