245 higuera mixed use

245 Higuera Mixed Use proposes a new two-story building with ground-level, commercial space and two new loft apartments above. The new building is located in the same footprint as the existing metal garage to be removed. The design aims to meet all requirements of the Mid-Higuera Enhancement Plan, providing rhythmic, appropriately scaled storefront bays at the retail ground floor with a plane break and material transition to the upper residential floor. Overhangs and signage are included to enhance horizontal articulation and provide a pedestrian scale at Higuera Street. The upper floor’s shed roof both maximizes solar exposure to the south, and creates height for loft apartments. The rotation of the north wall aims the lofted windows directly at the view of Madonna Mountain.

The project aims to eliminate waste by maintaining a portion of the existing CMU wall at the south property line and refurbishing the existing carport that will be engineered to hold up to 930 SF of new solar panels. The new shed roof faces south, at the ideal angle for the additional 875 SF of solar panels. Operable windows are located throughout for natural ventilation. Solar tubes will bring light to the south side of the commercial space. And what is now a 100% paved site will be renovated to include pervious pavers and native landscaping. Overall these measures in addition to energy conscious wall and roof assemblies will reduce the conventional energy demand.

Location: 245 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo
Client: The Obispo Company
Size: 5,800 SF
Scope: Architecture, 3D Videos, Illustrative Renderings
Completion: In Construction